Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Elegant fashion women sandals

With the coming of the summer, we think you must need some decorated attractive women sandals to match with your dress, and we will give you some recommendation.

Comfortable Flowers Decorated Soft-Soled Shoes Women's Popular Summer Sandals

Come on, baby! just play around with high heels and flats that let you easily enjoy warm weather.

Fashion Point Head Metal Decorated Stiletto Shoes

Whether you're stocking up for this summer or nest summer holiday, putting together a footwear rotation for an upcoming vacation or getting ready for future seasons by filling up your closet early, you'll find the perfect pair of shoes to suit your needs on BuyTrends.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Welcome to Shop Fashion Clothes

BuyTrends can offer the latest styles for all seasons, and introduces you to the new edition of different dresses. This new collection sees the classic bodycon shape being reworked, which can help you to create a perfect range for the party season. The bodycon dress arrives in mini and midi lengths with long sleeve and strapless forms.

Elegant Lace Sleeveless Cut Out Mid Dress Women Summer Dress

Refresh your look this season with some fashion dresses,BuyTrends will show you many comfortable fit and a amazing clothes.

            Tulle Back Sleeveless Irregular Hems O-Neck Midi Dress Plus Size Dress

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Friday, November 16, 2012

Fashion Trends of Women’s Clothing Mix and Match

With the coming of different festivals, people's love for fashion trends also increases. Have a look at the people and the cheap clothing stores around you, large variety of cheap women clothing get in your sight. It is difficult for us to decide which to choose, so here I want to share some tips of women’s clothing mix and match on selecting our favorite items for our closet.

As it’s still winter and a bit cold while spring is so far, we need thick clothing to keep warm, the women’s sweaters are always the best choices for us. We have different kinds and materials of sweaters like pullover sweaters, cardigan sweaters and knitted sweaters to choose from.

The oversized sweaters are recommended for the first place. A red sweater can bring you good luck and activity.

On the other hand, if you love normal and quality sweaters instead, a white pull over crew neck sweater must meet your needs.

Matching with cute leggings and tights, this is the best choice for you.

And for the girls who like to keep fashion and stay out, the kind below is just what they want.

To hang out in the street, a cool black short coat will make you special to gain attention.

Not only the coats, leggings and sweaters mentioned above, there is still many other feature clothing for us to follow the fashion trends. Big sites like Amazon.com and BuyTrends.com supply selected cheap clothing with the latest fashion trends. The latter is promoting wholesale clothing online and has extra discounts on the volume. Take a glance to find your way and your style.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Stylish skirt Suits, Show Your Beauty in Cold Weather

Though it gets colder and colder, the love of beautiful skirts can never be affected. However it is not hard to keep style and warmth at the same time, below are the perfect fit for this season:

Long sleeve dress plus thicken yet stylish leggings, or you may wear leather skirt with leggings, if you go with boots, that will make you hot and warm at the same time.

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Tight Coats Are out, Loose Sweater Coat Are in for This Winter

Tight sweaters are out for 2012, loose sweater coats are the most in fashion for this winter, how to make yourself fashionable and hot? Below are the tips to follow.

Chic sexy wild leopard patterned loose sweaters, is a good choice whether it goes alone or with t-shirts.

It is a good choice to wear short loose quality sweaters with skull head pattern, so sexy, and light, goes well with pencil pants, so comfortable and so natural.

Knitting, hot hollow out sweaters, decorated with simple wooden buttons, simple v neck, loosely designed.

Knitting, hot hollow out sweaters, decorated with simple wooden buttons, simple v neck, loosely designed.

Irregular dolman sleeve sweaters, with long back, bright color splicing, and decorated by geometric patterns, plus the numerous hollow holes, so sweet and adorable.

The design is simple, but the highlight is the sequins on it, so shining, so eye catching.

This sweaters looks simple and loose, but it is partially hollowed out, and is decorated by the fur at the hollows, so adorable.

The lacework at the sweep is the finishing touch of this piece, the soft feeling of lace is always the favorite for ladies.

This is a must have piece for this autumn and winter, the big holes so special; the loose design fits ladies of all figures, and the color is beautiful.

Small hollows and cashmere makes the item breathable, and the key design is the puff sleeve, which helps to cover the big arm, and the bottom is tightened, it fits ladies of various figure types.

Source: BuyTrends Blog

Saturday, November 10, 2012

Top 5 Clothes Silhouette For This Winter

The trend for this winter is not color, but silhouette, the disigners for the runway show spare no efforts in demonstrating the silhouette, such designs as round shoulder, slender waist show perfect figures and elegant curves. Below are 5 carefully chosen silhouettes which are the hottest in this season.

Y line

The shoulder is exagerated, and is tightened at waist, starting from the waist, below is straight line, which is a typical Y line, or you may call it an inverted triangle. The exaggerated shoulder helps to rebuild the figure for slim ladies, and is full of retro style in the 60s.

O line

The most in trend for this winter is the soft round sleeve, compared with the triangle, O line is more effective in decorate the shoulders and rebuild the figure, golden ratio will be made with a pair of pencil pant, the empire waist design is the best for ladies with plump tops and slender waist. The fashion stores like Balenciaga、CELINE are dedicated in building round shoulders.

A Line

A line overcoat is the clothes with scattered shape or the inverted tulip, this silhouette emphasizes the waist line, and the sweep may be in trumpet shape. Or it may utilize a belt to demonstrate the waistline, which help to avoid the bloated image, and show off the curves of women.

H line

H line has always been the design of overcoats, which is characterized by the neat cutting, high quanlity material, help to build capable temperament. Black, gray and khaki are still the majority colors, you do not need to worry about the plainess, which can be reinforced by the bright colored pencil pants and floral print pants.

S line

Peplum is still popular after the summer, which are now made of wool or cotton. Peplum helps to improve the figures of ladies with glasshour shape, so it is a favor for Kim Kardashian, from summer to winter. This new look style, optimize the curves, and so shining and stunning on the runaway show.

From: BuyTrends.com
Source: http://blog.buytrends.com/top-5-clothes-silhouette-for-this-winter/

Friday, November 9, 2012

Discount Season for Thanksgiving Shopping Tips

Thanksgiving discount season starts from the day right after Thanksgiving, and is named Black Friday, it is the most crazy shopping day for Americans. All retailers have been preparing for the promotions and sales in this discount season, and are ready for all shoppers. Now the discount season is starting, below are some shopping tips for you.

1.  the 5th avenue

The 5th Avenue, located in cental Manhaton, New York, and borders the 47 Street, is the core street of USA, and is the most famous high level business street. It is ranked one of the 10 street with the highest leasing cost.  No one will vist New York without  coming to the 5th Avenue.  The fashion brands here are so irresistable, each time you pass by the shop-windows, you are attracted by the shining and glittering goods. So go shopping at the 5th Avenue is a great pleasure in this discount season.

Saks Fifth Avenue is the online store of the brands in the 5th Avenue, the address is:

The online stores of the stores in the 5th Avenue, covers almost all the top brands in 5th Avenue. The online store covers the designer goods, with all categories, and everything about the middle and hign level cosumer goods, and they are classified by designer, price, gender, categories ect. The pictures online are very clear, there are details pictures take from different viewpoints for most items, and there are clear sizes. For garments, there are models wearing them and show how to wear them, so clear.

At the same time, the online store Saks Fifth Avenue will show all the promotions of the offline stores, which help you to know the discount activities at first time.

Advantages: one stop service for high end goods, and they provide clothes for your pets, food too. When your good value is over $150, you are eligible for free shipping. Which makes it a great deal.

2. Boston

Boston is a small town with concentrated business area. If you are looking for high end products, then you can start from Boston Common. Right to the south of the park, there located the Four seasons hotel, the Bristol lounge is a place where you can enjoy the top afternoon tea. And neighboring are the independent stores of Herm├Ęs、St. Johns, Escada, La perla ect. Newbury, the core business district is located at the west of the park. And you can take the metro to Arlington, where you can find high end stores like  Chanel, Armani, Cartier, middle level stores like Kate Spade, DVF and lower end stores like Banana Republic, Zara, M.A.C.

Those designer stores are located in the classic England buildings, this is a great experience for you apart from the shopping experience.

In addition, there are many independent stores on the street, at the east and west side of this street, there is a 2nd hand second time around store respectively, which sells 2nd hand clothes, bags and shoes.

Advantages: Discount ongoing all year round, so there will be bigger discount for this discount season.
Disadvantages: The styles are mainly for the current season.

3. Macy's

The online site of Macy's is:  macys.com
From fashion clothes to daily utility, all are available online, and are updated simultaneously with the offline store of Macy's.

There are around 800 Macy's in USA, and the online store of Macy's covers almost all the top brands on the 5th Avenue, including garments, bags, shoes, jewery, houseware ect.

If you are crazy about online shopping, Amazon.com, Zappos.com and BuyTrends.com are good places for you, BuyTrends.com offers more than 10,000 garments with the latest fashion, and there are new products updated continuously, the price is quite reasonable.

4. Outlets

The pervade Outlets is another good place where you can find great discount items apart from the business areas and designer stores. Loehmann’s, Marshalls, TjMaxx, Ross and Burlington Factory are large discount stores in USA, where the Americans can buy cheap quality items, disregard the styles may be not the latest, but the price is quite competitive.

Woodbury Common Premium Outlets
Location: 498 Red Apple Court Central Valley, NY 10917

Las Vegas Premium Outlets
Location: 875 South Grand Central Parkway Las Vegas, NV 89106

USA Local brands recomendation

There will be greater discounts for USA local brands such as Coach、Kate Spade、Tory Burch,because there will be more discounts during this season, make them so appealing and irresistable.

From: BuyTrends.com
Source: http://blog.buytrends.com/discount-season-for-thanksgiving-shopping-tips